Announcing Coaches Corner Xpress! An Online Kettlebell Teaching Course for Coaches.

Announcing Coaches Corner Xpress! An Online Kettlebell Teaching Course for Coaches.

BIG NEWS! We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with the incredible kettlebell coach and community organizer, @Damali.Fraiser!! Her new program, Coaches Corner Xpress, is an online kettlebell teaching course for coaches and personal trainers who are kettlebell curious and want to ensure that they incorporate kettlebell skills into their coaching safely and for all bodies. Safety is a matter of efficiency and skill.  This course will help you to guide people to use the kettlebell effectively and efficiently to reduce the likeliness of injury, pain, and discomfort. And always remember, kettlebells are for every BODY!

A chart of the features of CCX vs Damali's scynchornous courses.

CCX is more than just a self-paced online program. You’re learning from one of the best coaches in the biz. Registering for this course also includes 6 months of access to group training sessions for coaches with Damali AND 6 months of access to BPFA Inclusive FitPros, our online learning community.

Your Instructor: Coach Damali is the owner of Lift Off Strength & Wellness (@liftoffstrength) in Brampton, Canada, and organizer of Kettlebells in Black (@kettlebells_in_black). Check out her extensive resume: Trauma Informed Weight Lifting (2022), DTS Level 1 (2021), Certified DV8 Kettlebell Instructor (2020), GGS Contributor, Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach, CPPC (2020), Precision Nutrition L1 Coach (2020), StrongFirst SFG II (2019), StrongFirst SFG I Recertification (2019), Flexible Steel Level 1 (2016), Qualified Poo Choi Kru of Muay Thai (2015), SFG 1 (2014), CSC National Champion (2014) +70kg.

If you’re interested in connecting with more of Damali’s courses, check out her site here!

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Save the Date! – BPFA’s Annual Summit Returns! July 22-24th, 2022 in Toronto, Canada!!!

Save the Date! – BPFA’s Annual Summit Returns! July 22-24th, 2022 in Toronto, Canada!!!

BPFA Fit2point0 Professional Community Members are invited for a weekend of networking, education, fellowship, and fun in Toronto!

As in years past, we are filling the weekend with engaging workshops led by BPFA Professionals. We’re also planning to spend some time with our Canadian fitness friends for some hands-on inclusive fitness sessions, putting our fit2point0 skills into practice.

There will be smaller breakout sessions with members of the BPFA fam on various topics throughout the weekend, as well as numerous opportunities to move and play.

We’re pumped to make 2022 our best Summit yet, and we can’t wait to see you there!

More details will be announced in the coming weeks, such as hotel room blocks and Summit pricing. (For reference, we’ll be in the same pricing ballpark as prior years.) A more detailed schedule of events for the weekend will hit this page in the coming months. But it’s safe to go ahead and save this date on your calendar, and plan to fly into Toronto Pearson Airport (Code YYZ) if you’re excited to hang with the BPFA crew!

The Body-Positivity Spectrum

The Body-Positivity Spectrum

Body positivity is a movement created by Black women to celebrate and advocate for marginalized bodies. (Learn more on this history from Briana Dominici’s article, “The Black History of the Body Positive Movement”)  Over time, the term has reached a broader audience, which has simultaneously been a great source of healing for many while also diluting the original intent. At BPFA, we acknowledge that “Body Positivity” encompases a spectrum of meaning to each individual and that each individual’s personal privilege intersects and informs how they interact with the spectrum. 

If you are here at our website scoping out courses, that tells us that you are interested in making the fitness industry a more inclusive and accessible place. We see BPFA’s role as being your empathetic guide to making your programming more welcoming to all bodies. If these are your first steps towards body positivity/body neutrality/fat liberation, you are welcome here, and our Onramp to Inclusive Fitness Practices Course will be an excellent primer for you. If you have been involved in this work for a while, some of the material here may be familiar, but we hope the action-oriented coaching tips we provide, along with our network of Fit2.0Pros, will be useful to you as well. If you are interested in diving further into this work with exceptional folks putting out great content, check out Fitness 4 All Bodies, Decolonizing Fitness, The Body Is Not an Apology, and The Fat Lip podcast, just to name a few!

So wherever you are currently on the spectrum of body positivity, BPFA is here to help you grow and point you towards the amazing community of people already out there doing this important work in the fitness industry. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

5 Body Positive People and Businesses We Love!

At BPFA we believe in sharing the spotlight to amplify the good work of other individuals and businesses in the fitness industry. Here are 5 folks-to-follow who will uplift your newsfeed.

Fitness4AllBodies LLC

“F4AB teaches fitness professionals to understand how systems of oppression affect our bodies and how to apply a social justice lens to their work.”

Decolonizing Fitness

“Decolonizing Fitness is not a gym, but an incredible educational resource for coaches, trainers, studio owners, and anyone who is interested in unlearning toxic fitness culture. Decolonizing Fitness as a practice is about providing a supportive environment to individuals who have historically not felt welcomed in fitness spaces i.e. people in larger bodies, people with disabilities, people with chronic pain, people over the age of 65 and people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Jabbie App

“Jabbie is the community wellness app redefining fitness standards and providing support that encourages you to move your body in your OWN way.”

Nonnormative Body Club

“Nonnormative Body Club is a Philadelphia-based project with a goal to create accessible fitness spaces for those of us whose bodies and identities rebel against normative definitions of beauty and health. Nonnormative Body Club offers personal training, group fitness, and wellness workshops on a sliding scale.”

Superfit Hero

“We believe everyone deserves access to joyful movement. We support plus size athletes with premium activewear designed for their bodies and unparalleled compassionate customer service.”

What Is Body Positivity

by Simone Samuels, BPFA Board Member and FitPro

Body positivity says…

My body is a good body, regardless of its size (or race, colour, weight, ability, disability or sexuality and gender expression) or how it looks and shows up in this world. I appreciate my body as it is. I am worthy of all of the good things life has to offer as I am, in this body (health, sex, love, respect, career advancement, access to clothes, access to services, visibility, joy etc.).⁣

⁣Body positivity was started by Black women. While body positivity is not embraced by everyone, body positivity is for everyone — it can be a useful concept for anyone with a body.⁣

Body positivity was created by fat people but is not just for fat people. While fat acceptance is central to body positivity, body positivity is intended for all marginalized bodies (bodies with disabilities, dark-skinned bodies, scarred bodies, bodies with vitiligo, bodies fighting disordered eating, gender non-conforming bodies etc.).⁣

#Bopo is interrelated to other social justice issues. E.g. dismantling the patriarchy is about justice for all bodies (especially female-identifying ones).⁣

Within body positivity I’d include conversations around colorism, Black hair styles and textures.⁣

Being content and finding peace with your body is body positivity.

Can body positivity include thin people? I think so. Thin people have bodies, and some people live at the intersection of body marginalization (thin and disabled). But body positivity wasn’t meant for thin people. Thin people still benefit from thin privilege. 

Body positivity is for all bodies (including thin ones), while fat acceptance has fat people as its focus (I don’t use fat in a derogatory way here. It is what many people in this size group would prefer to be called instead of inaccurate medicalized words like “obese” or “overweight”).

Body positivity says that your body is inherently good and there is nothing fundamentally wrong with your body. Do you use a CPAP machine when you sleep? Do you take medication? Do you live with chronic illness? Lipodema? Can you find your size clothing at the store? Do you struggle with holding the asanas in yoga? The answers to these questions don’t really matter because your body is inherently good regardless.

Your lighter body isn’t any better than your heavier body. And no matter where you are on your fitness journey, your body is good.

Some people say weight loss is not compatible with body positivity. Or that body positivity verges on letting yourself go. I think wanting to change your body or improve the experience of living in your body is reconcilable with body positivity. Losing weight, gaining weight, building strength and lean muscle and endurance etc. — improving your body or changing your body does not affect the inherent value of your body. It ought not affect your relationship to your body. It’s ok to want to live more comfortably in your body. Of course, being happy just the way you are is also ok and is also body positivity.

Body positivity to me says there is nothing wrong with my body *and* I want my body to be at it’s best. So I choose food and movement in celebration of my good, nothing-wrong-with-it body.

About Simone

I’m a writer, vlogger and fitness professional based in Toronto. My educational background is in philosophy, political science and law (LL.B., B.C.L). I’m bilingual in English and French, and I’ve lived in Ottawa and Montreal.

I love writing about food, body positivity, law, race and faith/spirituality.

I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and aquatics instructor and a licensed Zumba, Aqua Zumba and Strong Nation instructor.  I serve on the Board of Directors for the Body Positive Fitness Alliance.

Follow Simone for more amazing content here:

IG: @simonesamuels

FB: @simonemoneeksamuels