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Do I need to be a Fitness Professional to Join or take the course?

Nope! We welcome everyone who’s interested in body positivity and inclusive health and wellness practices. Our community includes current and aspiring fitness professionals (aka “fitpros”), as well as general fitness enthusiasts and people who like to learn. Join us!

WHo Else Should I follow?

Check out this blog post to see more of our favorite body positive friends and support their work: 5 People and Businesses We Love!

What is BPFA's Stance on...

Believe us, we have a LOT of feelings. We’ve put together some position statements on specific issues, but here’s the basic overview: We believe that everyone with a body has a right to be treated like a human. We are actively anti-racist and do everything we can to support and amplify folx in marginalized communities. And we are always learning!

Gender Access In Sports

Black Lives Matter


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