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Body Positive Fitness Alliance (BPFA) is a professional development organization for fitness professionals.


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Transforming the Industry


Our vision is to transform the health and fitness industry into a space that is welcoming and inclusive for all bodies. 


Our mission is to provide educational resources and community-based learning united around a common goal of equitable access to exercise for all people.


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Your hub for resources that guide you to providing more inclusive fitness. Here you’ll find info about the OnRamp to Inclusive Fitness Course, our online FitPro group, articles from fellow FitPros, and more.


Make meaningful connections with likeminded FitPros. This is where you can connect to all our community learning resources and social platforms.


Our nonprofit organization runs on your support! Learn more about the nonprofit, donate on Patreon, check out resources that help fund our work, and discover other ways to support the cause.


Our Values

The Eight Pillars

BPFA was founded on the Eight Pillars, a set of values that guide both our organization and our fintess practices. The Pillars are: Accessibility, Approachability, Community, Enjoyment, Full Health, Scope of Practice, Body Positivity, and Growth.

We invite you to explore each Pillar with its application to our mission and your own.

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We believe in making resources as accessible as fitness, so we have options for various levels of time and financial commitment.

Download our FREE guide with 3 Easy Actions you can take today to make your fitness practice more inclusive. The world of body positive fitness is ready for you! 

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Is BPFA a Good Fit for Me?

Where do I fall on the body Positive spectrum?

We know that each person’s journey takes different turns and at different speeds. Use this handy guide to get a better idea of what the Body Positive Spectrum looks like, where you currently land, and what your next steps can be.

Frequently asked questions and Body Positive glossary

Still not quite sure what this whole thing is about? It’s cool – we are here to help! Find answers to our FAQs as well as a glossary of terms used in the world of body positive fitness.

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