ANTIRACIST – Acknowledging that our society has systemic racism baked into it, being “antiracist” means working to understand and confront racism wherever you encounter it.

BODY NEUTRAL – Body neutrality is a variation on body positivity used either to deemphasize the focus on the body or to allow that when someone is coming from years of body shame and hate or chronic pain, “positivity” can seem inaccessibile.

BODY POSITIVE – A key phrase coined by awesome fat Black women activists to radically reclaim appreciation and respect for oneself. Check out our blog post, “What Is Body Positivity”, to learn more about the complexity of “body positivity” in its current usage.

FAT – Fat is a descriptor and has no inherent moral value. Follow this link to read Ashleigh Shackelford’s excellent article, “Fat Is Not a Bad Word.”

FAT LIBERATION – Fat liberation is a movement to push back on the harmful discrimination fat folks experience throughout society, from the doctor’s office, to public seating, and beyond. Read Dariana Guerrero’s article, “Fat Liberation, Diet Culture, and Reimagining Our World,” to learn more.

FIT2.0 – Fit2.0, or #fit2point0, is our shorthand for people or practices that are prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility in their work. You may see us refer to harmful fitness industry practices, like selling diet shakes or pushing lots of before and after photos on social media, as “fit1.0”.

WEIGHT NEUTRAL – Weight neutral is a keyword many gyms and trainers will use to indicate that their practices do not track client measurements or sell weight-loss regimens, that they are open to following the clients’ leads, but do not have a sizeist agenda in their programming.