BPFA prioritizes amplifying marginalized voices in the fitness industry. Be a part of supporting the 2024 BPFA Inclusive FitPro Summit or our year-round Inclusive FitPro Community.

  1. Positive Brand Alignment
    • By supporting an organization committed to inclusivity, empowerment, and sustainable practices, your brand can enhance its image and be associated with positive social impact.
  2. Connect your Brand
    • The 2024 Summit and BPFA’s Inclusive FitPro Community brings together fitness professionals across various disciplines looking for ways to better serve their clients and grow their brands.
  3. Support Change
    • Your brand will be recognized as a key contributor to the event’s success, fostering goodwill and building lasting connections with fitness professionals who share a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Download our 2024 Sponsorship Packet and feel free to contact us with any questions! BodyPositiveFitnessAlliance@gmail.com