Shout Out to Feel Strong!

Shout Out to Feel Strong!

Thank you to Feel Strong – Body-Neutral Marketing for becoming our latest BPFA Inclusive FitPro Summit Sponsor!

“Looking for a fitness industry partner who truly understands your mission of inclusivity and body neutrality? I’m Stacy Kim, owner of Feel Strong Brands, and I stand with you in our shared commitment to redefine the fitness narrative. With two studio locations and over 300 members combined, we have demonstrated that our approach is not only needed but sought after by those who value a supportive and inclusive environment.

We partner with fitness professionals to provide the tools and strategic coaching necessary to build your inclusive business. We start with targeted advertising to connect you with your ideal audience, followed by an SEO-optimized website designed to enhance lead conversion. We’ll integrate this with Empowerly, our CRM system, which streamlines lead and member management through automation. Plus, you’ll have access to educational materials and design templates that support the growth of your business.

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Click here to see Stacy’s recent Live Learning, “Empower Your Marketing: 5 Strategies for Body-Neutral Lead Conversion”.

Meet Your Speakers! – BPFA Inclusive FitPro Summit 2024

Meet Your Speakers! – BPFA Inclusive FitPro Summit 2024

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Roz The Diva – “Helping Marginalized Clients Overcome Gym-timidation”

Bio: NASM certified Roz Mays (she/her/Diva) has dedicated many late nights at the gym to becoming a kickass personal trainer, pole diva and fitness educator since February 2011. She specializes in helping nontraditional athletes overcome gym-timiation through pole dancing, TRX, strength training and mobility work. Her talents have been featured in Google, Fitbit Premium, The New York Times, Glamour and other really dope media organizations. When she isn’t half naked and sweaty, Diva’s usually making pancakes with Beyonce and Michelle Obama.

Session Description:

The fitness industry’s obsession with young, slender, and super strong athletes has alienated 95% of the general public, especially those in marginalized bodies. Fear not – this seminar will give you tried-and-true strategies for helping clients build a movement practice they’ll crave. Topics we’ll discuss:

– Defining gym-timidation and what stops marginalized people from working out
– Inclusive marketing practices
– Less intimidating intake sessions
– Meeting clients where they’re at physically and emotionally
– Personalizing success to each client

Justice Williams – “What’s Next for Inclusive FitPros”

Bio: Coach Justice (he/him) is a Certified Personal Trainer, BPFA Board Member, head coach at Kettlebell Justice, founder of The Queer Gym Pop Up and BodyImage4Justice, and Executive Director of Fitness4AllBodies. He is a trans body positive activist and has been actively creating safe spaces for queer and trans bodies in fitness in the Boston area since 2013.

Session Description:

Justice is the editor of “Deconstructing the Fitness-Industrial Complex: How to Resist, Disrupt, and Reclaim What It Means to Be Fit in American Culture“, and he will lead us in a conversation about future directions for Inclusive FitPros, rooted in the perspectives from QTBIPOC, fat, and disabled trainers, bodyworkers, and coaches on reimagining fitness for all bodies.

Fit is subjective. Who our society designates as fit–and who gets to be fit in our society–is predefined by the coaches, gyms, and systems at large that uphold and reproduce the Fitness Industrial Complex for their own structural and material gain.

The Fitness Industrial Complex uplifts some bodies while denigrating others. Bodies that are Black, Brown, queer, trans, poor, fat, and disabled–bodies that don’t conform, that resist and disrupt–are excluded from being “fit.” Through the stories and experiences of activist trainers, coaches, and bodyworkers of diverse identities and experiences, this anthology interrogates:
The ideas and beliefs we’ve internalized about health, fitness, and our own and others’ bodies
How to deconstruct and re-envision fitness as a practice for all bodies
The fitness industry’s role in upholding and reinforcing oppression
Exclusivity, unsafety, and harm in mainstream fitness spaces
How to empower ourselves and our communities to push back against the FIC

Speaking directly to sick, queer, trans, disabled, and BIPOC readers, Deconstructing the Fitness Industrial Complex is part urgent inquiry, part radical deconstruction, and part call to action: to build spaces that welcome and work for all; to reclaim movement as a vital and liberatory practice; and to embody a model of joy and community care outside the mainstream fitness culture.

Abbey Griffith, Amanda Tierney, Tamie Gangloff – “Building Onto Body Positive Fitness: Becoming Eating Disorder Informed & Sensitive”


Abbey Griffith (she/her) owns Clarity Fitness – Georgia’s first body positive, weight inclusive, eating disorder informed fitness studio. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Eating Disorder Recoveree who has devoted her life to helping people of all ages, shapes, and sizes find wellness modalities they truly enjoy.

Amanda S. Tierney (she/her), MS, CSCS, CEDS-S is an Eating Disorders Informed & Sensitive fitness professional passionate about educating fitness folks on prevention & treatment of disorders related to food & body. She is a Board Member of BPFA. Amanda is committed to bridging the gap between research and practice and creating a network of knowledgeable coaches to collaborate with multidisciplinary treatment professionals.

Tamie Gangloff (she/her) provides education and training at the university level as an adjunct professor, at West Chester University of PA, teaching eating disorder psychology to graduate and undergraduate students. Tamie’s philanthropic nature has been evident by her dedication to promoting the welfare of others expressed in her time and expertise to good causes such as with her current roles as President of Southwest Philly IAEDP, a group leader for the National Alliance for eating disorders, a team leader for the Eating Disorders Coalition and as a committee member for the Body Positive Fitness Alliance. Tamie began her career with the successful completion of a master’s degree in clinical psychology at Antioch University Santa Barbara. Tamie utilizes her personal and professional experience to help others.

Session Description:

We envision kicking things off with high level basics around what eating disorders are, what they look like in the fitness space, and reviewing current research on safe exercise at every stage. Our presentation format will be sharing our individual lived experiences and expertise through role play and interactive discussion. For example, we will show a conversation between a gym owner and a client clearly demonstrating disordered eating symptoms (presented in a non-triggering way) and how to best navigate a conversation with said client to provide support, how a fitness professional can serve on a multidisciplinary treatment team, and how to set up a fitness space in a way that is sensitive to those with eating disorders.

Sarah Siertle – “From 1924 to 2024- Connecting to Your Body Through Lindy Hop”

Bio: Sarah Siertle (she/her) is a strength coach currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her coaching journey began in 2012 when she started teaching lindy hop and related vintage jazz dances. After finding strength training in 2015, she realized all of the connections between weightlifting and dancing. Sarah became a certified personal trainer in 2020 and now specializes in coaching beginner, size-inclusive, and movement-based strength training.

Session Description:

The goal of this movement session is to show how dance can be an important tool in a fitpro’s toolbox. Lindy hop, a dance that originated in late 1920s Harlem, New York, showcases this goal especially well as a dance that encourages bodily autonomy, improvisation, and fun over strict technique. Partner dancing is all about connecting with the human in front of you and having a conversation through body movement.

Attendees will learn a few basics of the dance, then be led through a series of prompts to help them add their own interpretations and experiences to the moves. Don’t worry, no dance experience is needed! Just bring yourself and a willingness to try something fun and new. Attendees can take this experience back to their clients as a new way to help them express themselves, find joy in body movement, and bring awareness to how they move and connect.

Ashantis Jones – “Dance Cardio as Inspiration for Accessibility & Inclusion”

Bio: Ashantis Jones (she/they) is a Pre-Licensed Therapist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Educator that focuses on the mind and body – both of which are equally important to one’s health. By using an intersectional approach, self-love becomes the tool that heals and educates. She is a queer, disabled, body liberationist and has been active in the digital space since 2017.

Session Description:

A 30-minute Dance Cardio Class that shows movement variations and keeps participants excited about the conference!

Teresa Myers & Jenn Hicks – “The 8 Pillars in Action”


Teresa Myers (she/her) has spent most of her life feeling like she did not fit in anywhere. Being a Black woman in the United States, she had to find her own truth of beauty, wisdom and self-worth living in a society that often does not value or celebrate her color, gender or size. Teresa is the founder of Sole to Soul Movement. Sole to Soul strives to repair and reconcile the original ruptures of labor and land by helping participants reclaim their bodies and rebuild community through group somatic movement classes, workshops, trainings, and lifestyle practices.

Jenn Hicks (she/her) started attending and teaching dance fitness classes as a way of recovering from a long struggle with adulthood anorexia and exercise addiction. This helped her reframe her relationship with fitness from one of punishment to one of pleasure and she has been teaching group fitness for nearly 20 years. Jenn is also a Size Inclusive Fitness Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer. She is committed to advancing social justice within and through movement experiences and strongly believes that our individual innate body knowledge can guide us to more rewarding exercise (and life) experiences.

Session Description:

Using the 8 Pillars of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, we will facilitate a group movement experience that demonstrates how to build a container that fosters safety, dignity and belonging for each participant physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

Throughout the class experience, we will embed elements of accessibility, approachability, enjoyment, community, scope of practice, full health, body positivity and growth. Following the class we will have a group discussion to identify and share where each of the pillars showed up in the class.

Leslie Jordan Garcia – “Pleasure Principles: Intersection of Fun and Fitness”

Bio: Leslie (she/her) is a multi-certified fitness professional and movement educator, and founder of Liberati Wellness. She is a body liberationist and has been creating inclusive movement spaces for every body through dance and humor since her Zumba license in 2003.

Session Description:

The “Pleasure Principles: Intersection of Fun and Fitness” workshop is an innovative 60-minute session designed to revolutionize the approach of fitness professionals towards exercise and wellness. The three main objectives of this workshop are:

To Shift the Focus from Traditional Fitness Metrics to Joy and Pleasure: This workshop emphasizes the importance of moving away from conventional fitness metrics like weight, speed, or calories burned, and instead prioritizing the joy, satisfaction, and pleasure derived from physical activity. By encouraging intuitive movement, the workshop guides participants to listen to their bodies and engage in activities that feel natural and enjoyable to them.

To Promote Body Positivity and Inclusivity in Fitness: A major goal is to instill a sense of body positivity among fitness professionals and their clients. The workshop stresses the importance of embracing all body types, abilities, and backgrounds, and designing fitness routines that are inclusive and affirming. This is achieved through practical movement sessions and discussions that focus on adapting exercises to various needs and celebrating the diversity of human bodies.

To Foster Mindful Awareness and Emotional Expression through Movement: The workshop also aims to deepen the connection between mind and body through mindful awareness in exercise. Participants are encouraged to use physical activity as a form of emotional expression and release, acknowledging the psychological benefits of movement. This is complemented by exploring different forms of movement for variety and incorporating social elements to enhance the sense of community and shared experience.

Overall, the workshop blends lecture-style presentations with interactive movement sessions, offering a unique blend of education and practical application. It challenges traditional fitness narratives that focus on discipline and restriction, advocating for a more holistic, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to fitness that celebrates every individual’s unique journey towards health and well-being.

Jess Brock-Pitts – “Trauma Informed Approaches to Movement”

Bio: Jess (she/her) is a clinical social worker turned fit pro with a passion for inclusive, weight neutral fitness. She owns Power Plant Gym in Aston, PA, a body positive strength training gym. She developed upLIFT, a program for trauma survivors to introduce barbell strength training in a trauma informed space.

Session Description:

We’ll start by defining trauma & discussing some of the impacts of trauma, especially as they relate to movement. We’ll lay some groundwork by defining “trauma informed” and discuss polyvagal theory briefly as it relates to movement.

After a speed course on polyvagal theory, we’ll talk about how specific movement can be used to address different nervous system activation states, and how fitness professionals can incorporate these movements into group or individual sessions.

We’ll cover a few different areas of consideration for making a session more trauma informed including body awareness, consent, cuing, options/variations, language, and music. We’ll also address scope of practice, and self care for fitpros.

Tasheon Chillous – “Fat Coaches Exist: Nurturing, Creating Space, and Mentoring Fat Coaches”

Bio: Tasheon Chillous (she/her) is the Head Coach at Ascent Fitness in Tacoma, WA. As a proud and vibrant individual, she embraces her identity as a Fat, Queer, Multiracial, and outdoorsy professional. Tasheon is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse and marginalized backgrounds can discover personalized and empowering movement experiences, both within the gym and in the great outdoors.

Session Description:

“Fat Coaches Exist” is an engaging presentation focused on recognizing and supporting Fat Coaches within an industry predominantly represented by straight and, more recently, mid-sized bodies. This interactive session delves into the significance of embracing diversity, offering insights on what Fat Coaches bring to the table, and highlighting their importance in the fitness industry. Attendees will gain practical knowledge on creating inclusive spaces, discovering avenues to find Fat Coaches, and, crucially, understanding how to nurture and protect them within a fatphobic environment.

JodiAnn Stevenson – “Tired Tabata” & “Rebel Body Collective”

Bio: JodiAnn Stevenson (she/they) strives to inspire and empower women & femmes to create their own unique definitions of health and well-being outside of the mainstream, weight-centric model of care. She is a weight-neutral certified health coach and personal trainer. As a doctoral student at the California Institute of Integral Studies, JodiAnn is currently researching the necessity for a paradigm shift toward weight-neutrality within the Health Fitness Industrial Complex.

“Tired Tabata” Session Description:

Inclusivity is more than a buzzword – it’s an ongoing practice that supports and nurtures the diverse spectrum of athletes you’ll encounter in your career. Let’s discuss what it really takes to coach different kinds of athletes in the same space:

– defining and understanding inclusivity
– inclusive marketing practices
– preparing for class
– making movements accessible during class
– gathering feedback

“Rebel Body Collective” Networking Session Description:

“Rebel Body Collective” will outline a proposal for an exciting group project to be completed by inclusive fitness professionals. Similarly to how Body Positive Fitness Alliance has built a home for inclusive fitness professionals to come together and learn from one another on a professional level, I would like to propose that a collective online studio be created to feature the programs, trainings, classes and workshops already being offered by inclusive fitness professionals all over the globe. The Rebel Body Collective will be: 1) a searchable database of inclusive fitness providers worldwide; 2) an accessible online studio offering programs, trainings, classes and workshops; 3) a showcase for all of the work already being done and offered in inclusive and accessible fitness; 4) a space for collaboration and, as yet, unknown future projects. While creating community for inclusive fitness professionals will be a side effect of this group project, the project’s main goal is to harness that community to create comprehensive offerings for people/ potential clients seeking movement outside of mainstream toxic fitness and diet culture.

The dream for the Rebel Body Collective has grown from my observation of the reality that there are actually so many inclusive fitness professionals out here and yet the vast majority of us are one-person shows trying to do everything on our own and often feeling isolated and alone in our endeavors. Of course, BPFA has grown from a similar observation and has created a dynamic community of professionals dedicated to professional growth and community. Rebel Body Collective is ultimately about using the power of our numbers to collectively market our work to the general public in a way that could potentially positively impact all of our livelihoods while simultaneously catalyzing a paradigm shift in our industry.

I spent roughly four years from 2019-2022 working with a revolving group of fellow inclusive fitness professionals (including Laura Vineyard from BPFA and Becky Scott from Fitness Professionals Against Weight Stigma) attempting to make this dream a reality. While I had to temporarily abandon this work in 2022, I do not consider those four years a waste of my time or a failure. Everyone involved in this project (at its peak, there were about 18 of us) learned a great deal from the process. In fact, because of what we learned from those first four years, I feel confident that the Dream for a Rebel Body Collective is an inevitability. I will approach this session as 1-part presentation, 1-part rabble-rousing and 1-part recruitment meeting and hold a great deal of space for questions and conversation around the possibilities that this project presents to us.

Damali Fraiser – “Size-Inclusive Kettlebell Tips & Tricks”

Bio: Coach Damali Fraiser, pronouns she/her/hers, is a compassionate Kettlebell Expert, author, speaker, fitness / nutrition coach and owner of Lift off Strength & Wellness. Damali is known for her unapologetic opposition to diet culture in the kettlebell community and as a passionate educator who will help you learn to train with kettlebells safely. Through her course, Coaches Corner, you be certified to teach kettlebells from an intersectional lens that’s size-inclusive, trauma-informed, judgement-free and for every BODY (emphasis on the body because humanity has always had body diversity)

You can connect with Damali on her website , on Instagram @‌Damali.Fraiser, TikTok and on YouTube @‌liftoffstrength or through her retreats for Black Women in Kettlebells @‌kettlebellsinblack.

Session Description:

Melons, Junk in the trunk Belly, Thunder thighs? If kettlebells are constantly colliding with your chest and belly during snatches, cleans or swings just aren’t feeling comfy, your body is not the problem. It’s time to explore some size-inclusive variations that will help you get in a pain-free work. Coach Damali will lead this 60 min workshop navigating kettlebell training that welcomes the diversity of larger bodies virtually and be assisted in-person by Coach Justice.

Sponsor Body Positive Fitness Alliance!

Sponsor Body Positive Fitness Alliance!

BPFA prioritizes amplifying marginalized voices in the fitness industry. Be a part of supporting the 2024 BPFA Inclusive FitPro Summit or our year-round Inclusive FitPro Community.

  1. Positive Brand Alignment
    • By supporting an organization committed to inclusivity, empowerment, and sustainable practices, your brand can enhance its image and be associated with positive social impact.
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    • The 2024 Summit and BPFA’s Inclusive FitPro Community brings together fitness professionals across various disciplines looking for ways to better serve their clients and grow their brands.
  3. Support Change
    • Your brand will be recognized as a key contributor to the event’s success, fostering goodwill and building lasting connections with fitness professionals who share a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

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Recommendations for the New Year!

Recommendations for the New Year!

All of us a BPFA Headquarters are wishing you the best in the new year. To help kick things off right, here’s a list of some of our favorite books, blogs, and social media accounts from 2023.


-“Deconstructing the Fitness-Industrial Complex: How to Resist, Disrupt, and Reclaim What It Means to Be Fit in American Culture” Edited by Justice Roe Williams, Roc Rochon and Lawrence Koval. “Perspectives from QTBIPOC, fat, and disabled trainers, bodyworkers, and coaches on reimagining fitness for all bodies.”

-“Fit Nation: The Pains and Gains of America’s Exercise Obsession” By Natalia Petrzela. “How is it that Americans are more obsessed with exercise than ever, and yet also unhealthier? Fit Nation explains how we got here and imagines how we might create a more inclusive, stronger future.”

-“Fire in My Eyes” by Brad Snyder. “An American Warrior’s Journey from Being Blinded on the Battlefield to Gold Medal Victory.”

-“Lifting Heavy Things: Healing Trauma One Rep at a Time” By Laura Khoudari. “Most people at one moment in their lives experience trauma. Lifting Heavy Things empowers its readers to use any form of exercise, from strength training to cycling or walking, as a tool of healing.”

-“Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. “For a company to be successful, its leaders need to understand the true purpose of their organization, and use that purpose as a northstar not only in how they conduct themselves as a business, but also in how they care for those in their charge.”

-“The Long Run” By Matt Long. “New York City firefighter’s emotional and inspiring memoir of learning to run again after a debilitating accident, based on the wildly popular March 2009 piece in Runner’s World magazine.”

-“The Mental Impact of Sports Injury” By Carly McKay. “Using analogies from everyday life, The Mental Impact of Sports Injury bridges the gap between academic research and practical settings in an informative, yet easy to follow guide to the psychology of sports injury.”


-“The Dirtbag Diaries” – “The campfire tale—it’s ubiquitous in mountain culture. As long as we’ve climbed, skied, boated or traveled, we’ve been telling stories. In March of 2007, Fitz launched The Dirtbag Diaries, a grassroots podcast dedicated to the sometimes serious, often humorous stories from wild places. What began as a solitary experiment has evolved into collaboration between writers, photographers, artists and listeners to produce the type of stories that rarely find homes in the glossy pages of magazines.”

-“Handsome” By Tig Notaro, Fortune Feimster, Mae Martin. “Every week, the handsome hosts field a question from a friend and attempt to answer it together, covering every subject you could think of. Along the way, Tig, Fortune and Mae tell plenty of stories and just generally have a ridiculous time.”

-“Handy Ma’am Hotline” By Mercury Stardust. “Come hang out and get your DIY, trans life, and random questions answered on the Handy Ma’am Hotline!”

-“Recovery Bites” with Karin Lewis. “Join host Karin Lewis, MA, LMFT, CEDS, for episodes featuring candid interviews with experts in eating disorder and mental health recovery. Episodes focus on life beyond recovery, the good and the not-so-good, the successes and the challenges, and the authentic accounts of recovered lives. Not their whole story…just bites!”

-“Re:Thinking” with Adam Grant. “Adam believes that great minds don’t think alike—they challenge each other to think differently. His weekly show explores new thoughts and new ways of thinking.”

-“This Morning Walk” with Alex Elle and Libby Delana. “This Morning Walk podcast invites you to experience the transformative power of a simple walk.”

-“Maintenance Phase” – “Every other Tuesday, Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon debunk the junk science behind health and wellness fads.”

-“Mind Your Fitness” with Thomas J Fowler. “Debunking the health & fitness industry.”

-“Rest is Resistance” byTricia Hersey. “From the founder and creator of The Nap Ministry, Rest Is Resistance is a battle cry, a guidebook, a map for a movement, and a field guide for the weary and hopeful.”

-“Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself” By Sabrina Ward Harrison. “We are all facing choices that define us. No choice, however messy, is without importance in the overall picture of our lives. We all at our own age have to claim something, even if it is only our own confusion. I am in the middle of growing up and into myself. This book is my life in progress.”

-“What Works” with Tara McMullin. “”Work” is broken. We’re overcommitted, underutilized, and out of whack. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What Works is a podcast about rethinking work, business, and leadership as we navigate the 21st-century economy.”

-“Without Fail” – “Candid conversations with people who have done hard things: what worked, what didn’t and why.”

Social Media Accounts

-@300poundsandrunning on IG

-@andreaanimates on IG. “Stop motion animator & fiber artist.”

-@barkcity_parker on TikToc. “Enjoy cute videos of our furry friends.”

-@lousydrawingsforgoodpeople on IG

-@crutches_and_spice on TikTok. Disability advocate.

-@strangewonderfulcreature on TicTok. Nonbinary circus athlete.

-@auntyskates on TicTok. 43 year-old woman learning to skateboard and is now a coach.

-@movementbydavid on TicTok. Fun scalable mobility training.


-Javeno McLean @j7healthjaveno on IG

-Kaylee Bays @slayleebays on IG

-@case.kenny on IG

-@johannakulp.lcsw on IG. “Empowering parents to embrace a healthy body image & to teach their kids to do the same.”

3 Ways to Use Creativity in Your Movement Practice

3 Ways to Use Creativity in Your Movement Practice

By Kate Herald Browne, BPFA Board Member

A lot of people get their best ideas in the shower–I get most of my ideas when I’m running. Take this blog post, for example. I was spending some quality time with a treadmill at the kind of gym that features gray exercise machines lined up in rows as far as the eye can see. Not the most exciting place in the world to be. I put in my headphones to listen to my favorite running playlist and pretty soon my drab external world was replaced with an inner kaleidoscope of ideas, remixed conversations, and solutions to problems I’d been wrestling with for weeks.

I felt so inspired and wanted to write it all down. But…all I saw around me were drab, colorless humming machines. Fueled with endorphins, I wondered what gyms would be like if they offered people a creative outlet. I couldn’t possibly be the only person who feels energized to create after movement. Similarly, I know plenty of people who use movement to battle writer’s block, imposter syndrome, and other enemies of the creative mind. So, why do so many movement spaces feel closed off to creativity?

In most traditional fitness spaces, movement is considered to be an isolated activity. In a gym, you go there to use the equipment provided–treadmills, weights, and the like. In studios for dance, yoga, or group fitness, you go there to take a class on the modality being offered. In these spaces, you’re not exactly encouraged to stick around for social hour.

More importantly, movement in mainstream fitness is only deemed valuable if it feels like work. Creativity is about experimentation and play. There is a misconception that creativity and work are opposites, and that introducing something “fluffy” like arts and crafts to a gym space would devalue or undermine the goals of the space.

For body positive fitness professionals, incorporating creativity into a movement space brings incredible value to your clients and represents a radical shift away from movement as a boring, painful, or obligatory health practice. Instead, clients can start to see movement as a one of many tools available to them that work together to promote Full Health. Here are three ways that you can start to bring creativity into your movement practice:

Clear Some Creative Space

Think about areas of your movement space that could host a creativity station. This could be as simple as a chalkboard, a space on the lobby wall, or a window that you keep dry erase markers next to. You can make creative prompts part of the practice, like “Draw how [your movement practice] makes you feel” or “What’s your favorite animal?” or just leave writing tools out for clients. Waiting for class to start is a great time to doodle!

Pair Movement with Art

Consider hosting special events that intentionally bring movement and creativity together, like a paper plane circuit relay. You could also partner with local organizations that offer art classes to develop programming like movement-based acting classes, yoga paint nights, or Weights and Watercolors.

Personalize Client Progress

If your clients like to use progress tracking, encourage them to include non-numerical ways of sharing their achievements. A journal that includes writing, drawing, stickers, or painting can help foster the relationship between movement and creativity. This can also help clients learn new ways to tell the story of their progress in ways that numbers don’t always capture.

Come to the BPFA Inclusive FitPro Summit and Get to Connect with Kate!

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Announcing the Final Summit 2023 Speakers!

Headshot of Kat Horzempa

Expansive Marketing Practices

with Kat Horzempa

What story is your company telling? Are you effectively communicating your company’s values? Do you practice the values you promote? In Expansive Marketing Practices, Kat Horzempa will explore ways to authentically communicate with the communities you serve through expansive marketing practices

Kat Horzempa (she/they) is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Operations of Body Positive Fitness a queer-led, fat-centered hybrid movement company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Kat is actively dedicated to building fat-liberated, anti-racist, gender-affirming expansive spaces for joyful movement. An administrative leader with a specialization in sales and marketing, Kat has spent over a decade in operations management in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Their work has spanned the fitness, arts, education, manufacturing, and tertiary sectors.

Body Positive Fitness (@BodyPositiveFitness_) is a home for folks excluded from or unwelcome in mainstream fitness spaces—no matter your size, gender, disability or fitness level. Both online and in-person, Body Positive Fitness offers group classes, group training, personal training, running club, workshops and free community events, including a monthly book club hosted by Kat which highlights books from the body positive and fat liberation movements. In addition to being an ant-diet advocate, Kat is passionate about performing arts and has played many roles on and off stages in Canada and Spain.

Headshot of Vysh Sivakumaran

Movement Break & Discussion Around What Toxic Fitness Is & Isn’t

with Vysh Sivakumaran, CPTN-PT

Vysh (vai-sh) (she/her) is a certified strength coach, trauma informed yoga instructor, & a fitness industry leader in the Toronto community — working to create inclusive, body neutral, and accessible fitness, through 1:1, group, and corporate services within her online fitness community, Fitness in Place (FIP). With her powerlifting background and quick adaptation at the start of the pandemic, she was awarded Canfitpro’s Fitness Professional of the Year Award. She advocates passionately for representation in the industry for South Asian women, but more broadly, aims to be a voice for all people who may face barriers in the wellness. (Follow Vysh at @vy_she_lifts , @Fitness_In_Place, or on Linked in:

Vysh is a member of the Advisory Panel and content contributor at CanFitPro. Check out her recent article: “Trauma Informed: Practices to Keep Fitness Spaces Barrier Free to Everyone”.