Looking for a fitness industry partner who truly understands your mission of inclusivity and body neutrality? I’m Stacy Kim, owner of Feel Strong Brands, and I stand with you in our shared commitment to redefine the fitness narrative. With two studio locations and over 300 members combined, we have demonstrated that our approach is not only needed but sought after by those who value a supportive and inclusive environment.

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Additional Resources

These individuals, businesses, and resources have demonstrated a proven commitment to delivering inclusive health and fitness. You can reach out to them directly, and feel free to mention that you found them through Body Positive Fitness Alliance.



Katie Majewski Feeley (she/her)

BKE Coaching & Consulting
Katie helps inclusively-minded health and fitness professionals find clarity and build businesses that support themselves and their communities. She also offers remote programming for strongman, and serves on the Board of Directors for Body Positive Fitness Alliance.

Asher Freeman (they/them)

Nonnormative Body Club
Anti-oppressive personal training and group fitness in Philly and online
Email: Asherfreemancpt@gmail.com
Socials: @nonnormativebodyclub

Leslie Jordan Garcia (she/her), MBA, MPH, CEDRS, CPT

Liberati Wellness
Leslie helps individuals find liberation from oppressive and unhelpful food, body, and movement relationships. She also works with businesses, organizations, and helping health practices to embed social justice principles until their work for the collective revelation of our communities.
Websites: www.ljordanenterprise.com​​ and www.ko-fi.com/LiberatiWellness
Email: Leslie@ljordanenterprise.com
Instagram: @LiberatiWellness


Jennifer Hicks (she/her)

Jennifer is a weight inclusive certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. She teaches from an embodied social justice lens.
Website: www.jennhicks.ca​​
Email: jenniferhicks@rogers.com
Socials: @jenniferhicks (Instagram), @_jennhicks (TikTok)

Brenda Taulbee (she/her)

Resilient AF Training
Brenda provides both online and in-person personal training and group coaching for folks who have been left out, overlooked, or ostracized by mainstream fitness.
Email: info@resilientaftraining.com
Instagram: @resilient_af_training

Meg Hopkins (she/her)

Thrive Together Movement
Meg helps those who are ready to throw diet culture out the window get Strong AF without any toxic BS through virtual personal training and group programs.
Email: Admin@thrivetogethermovement.com
Instagram: @movementbymeg

Sarah Siertle (she/her)

Thrive Together Movement
Sarah is an inclusive strength and movement coach! She focuses on beginner-friendly and movement-based strength training to help people move better in their daily lives.
Socials: @sarah.siertle

Abbey Griffith (she/her)

Clarity Fitness
Clarity Fitness is Georgia’s first eating disorder informed and fat positive fitness studio offering in person and online personal training, dance, yoga and strength group exercise classes, and open gym access out of our space in Decatur (east of Atlanta). We love to provide movement services for people in recovery and can serve alongside treatment teams, therapists, dietitians, physical therapists, and other trainers focused on of other modalities.
Socials: @claritydecatur

Cailean O’Brien (she/her)

Counterculture Strength
Cailean is a certified personal trainer and powerlifting coach who seeks to make the world a kinder and better place.
Socials: @thathippielifter and @counterculturestrength

Christine DeFilippis (she/her)

FitProEd and Breaking Body Biases
Christine is a movement motivator, body liberator, and unconventional fitness pro. She’s dedicated to reshaping the fitness landscape into a realm of inclusivity. Globally, Christine presents her insights at fitness conferences, addressing diverse movement approaches, successful business strategies, & industry inclusiveness. Her personal journey of overcoming an eating disorder, weight cycling, and body dysmorphia fuels her commitment to weight neutrality. Through her Breaking Body Biases podcast, she amplifies voices of those dismantling diet culture and she created FitProEd to help train new fitness instructors and provide ongoing support for GFIs.
Socials: PopFitStudio (YouTube), @ChristineDeFilippis (Instagram), @PopFitStudio (TikTok)

JodiAnn Stevenson (she/they)

Bad Dog Rebel
JodiAnn is a weight-inclusive health coach and personal trainer helping folks heal their relationship to bodies, food, and movement.
Instagram: @baddogjodiann

Samantha Fox (she/her)

Sam Fox Flow
Sam uses yoga and strength training as tools to help people build their mind-body-spirit connection, find their passion, and develop confidence in their inherent greatness. She particularly enjoys working with older clients and individuals with special needs.
Instagram: @samfoxstrong

Power Plant Gym

Owner: Jess Brock-Pitts
Power Plant Gym offers strength-focused small group and personal training in Aston, PA (near Philly). They also offer remote programming for general strength, powerlifting, and strongman.
Email: Info@thepowerplantgym.com
Socials: @powerplantstrength (Instagram), @jessbpstrength (Instagram & TikTok). 

Amanda Tierney (she/her)

Discovering Balance and Therapeutic Exercise Alliance for Movement in Eating Disorders
Discovering Balance provides eating disorder informed and sensitive fitness coaching and support.
Therapeutic Exercise Alliance for Movement in Eating Disorders is a network of eating disorder informed fitness professionals.
Social: @rockthebalance

Teresa Myers (she/her)

Sole to Soul Healing
Providing movement experiences which embody the safety, dignity and belonging of all bodies. We can no longer ignore the fact that bodies will not truly condition or heal without taking into account how they are treated in society.
Contact: tsa.myers@gmail.com or 734-846-2695
Socials: @teresamyersnd (Instagram), @soletosoulhealingllc (Facebook)

Stacy Kim (she/her)

Feel Strong
Through Feel Strong Brands, Stacy provides mentorship and marketing strategies for wellness and fitness professionals who share a body-neutral mission. Start with a free marketing review and join our Facebook group for resources, tips, and community support focused on growing your business. Together, we’re reshaping the fitness narrative and making a positive impact in the lives of others..
Instagram: @coachstacykim and @feelstrongbrands
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodyneutralmarketing