#TrainerTip – Don’t assume every new client you meet has weight loss goals. Really it’s best not to assume anything about your new clients. Talk with them, ask them questions, learn what they’re here for, and challenge yourself to stay out of the habit of making quick judgements.

Would you like more education about responsible scope of practice for trainers around the topic of eating disorders?

Check out our online course: Empowering Fitness Professionals: Strengthening Confidence in the Detection, Referral, and Support of Clients with Eating Disorders. Staying in Your Lane with Knowledge and Compassion.

Course Objectives

-Learn actionable skills and strategies to recognize the signs of client eating disorders within our own practices and be empowered to take appropriate action based on scope of practice

-Connect with resources and communities

Your Instructors:

-Amanda Schlitzer Tierney, Amanda Tierney, MS, CSCS, CEDS-S. Director of Clinical Operations & Athletic Services atierney@becollaborativecare.com @rockthebalance

-Hannah Frazee, BS, ACSM-EP-C. Exercise Physiologist www.nourished-movement.com

-Taylor Larson, RD, CSSD, LD, CEDRD. Sports Dietitian at the Victory Program and Strong Roots Nutrition @strongrootsnutrition

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