Finding the balance between your body-neutral mission and effective lead conversion can feel challenging. You’re not alone in this struggle. Many of us grapple with aligning our inclusive values with the marketing strategies available today. This webinar reveals how to leverage Facebook ads for targeted outreach, ensure your messaging consistently builds trust, capture lead information without intrusion, and automate lead nurturing with authenticity. Plus, we’ll cover how to align your online engagement with the in-person experience to maintain comfort and trust from the first click. Join us to transform your marketing into a force for positive, body-neutral engagement, making every aspect of your strategy deeply meaningful and aligned with core values.

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Operating two women’s gyms in Maine, Stacy has transitioned from a professional designer to a fitness entrepreneur, leveraging her inclusive marketing approach for success. Her second gym location achieved profitability within just one month by using body-neutral strategies and a repeatable system she designed in her first location. The core of her mission is to shift the fitness industry away from emphasizing physical appearance to celebrating the universal benefits and joy of movement. Through Feel Strong Brands, Stacy offers marketing tools and coaching to help fitness professionals create inclusive spaces, complemented by the Feel Strong Movement, a directory that connects individuals with like-minded gyms and trainers. Stacy is deeply committed to promoting an inclusive and empowering fitness experience for everyone.

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