#TrainerTip – Your time matters. It can be easy to fall into the habit of always being available to your clients, but that’s tough to sustain long term. One way to protect your time is to develop a consistent set of boundaries with your scheduling and convey those expectations clearly with your clients. Need ideas? Send us a message, we’re happy to help brainstorm. Also, if you have great tips, feel free to share! (Info@bodypositivefitness.org)

Maybe you already find yourself in a bit of a scheduling hole and you’re not sure what to do? Perhaps you have a client that is consistently late or cancels last minute and you don’t know how to address the situation because you don’t want to lose that client? That anxiety is valid, but you have to take care of your personal resources as a coach to be able to keep doing your work. An easy way to broach the situation is to give the client a heads up with some lead time. For example, “Next month I’m updating my schedule and X policy will be changing to reflect that, if you have questions let me know!”.

Another reality is that there are clients that have unrealistic expectations for themselves. A client can feel like working out at 6 AM is what they “should do”, but every week they barely make it in and they’re groggy through the session. This is an opportunity talk with them and find out more about what their goals actually are and what’s practical within their schedule. By being empathetic experts, we can help clients build sustainable habits that add to their quality of life rather than detract from it.

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