The Union Makes Us Strong

A Live Learning Seminar led by Becca Kirkpatrick.

What to expect:

Becca Kirkpatrick is a personal trainer and lifelong union geek. She is a little bit obsessed with drawing the connections between body power and organised collective power in our workplaces and communities. As a labour union activist she initiated an ambitious union sports event that ran for 3 years. Then, as a PT working in a chain gym she tried to help kickstart a union organising drive for gym workers.

Now, through Big Bag Training and as a co-founder of We Got to Move training co-operative, Becca is itching to continue the conversation about the need for a union for the fitness industry. If you’re interested in resisting exploitation and reshaping our sector for the better – for workers and gym members – this session is one for you.

Live Learning: The Union Makes Us Strong