Live Learning Discussion – Cultivating Lifelong Athletes: Making Competitive Sports a Positive Experience for Kids

Competitive sports get really... well... competitive. As coaches - and as parents - it can be challenging to navigate the world of competitive sports for kids. This includes logistical elements like which sports to play, how much time to spend, and how much to invest in specialized training. It also includes mental aspects like dealing with success and failure, how much to push or not push competitiveness, learning from coaches, and working with a team. 

This Live Learning is geared toward parents of kids who are considering or participating in competitive sports, and coaches who work with kids in this context. We'll equip you with the tools and information you need to help kids and parents navigate the world of complex competitive sports with a focus on prioritizing kids' mental, physical, and emotional health.

About your presenters:
Katie (she/her) is the founder of Power Plant Gym and a BFPA Board Member. In her 10+ years of coaching, she's regularly worked with youth athletes with a variety of goals, experience, and aspirations.
Kate (she/her) is a brand and marketing consultant for wellness businesses. She is a BFPA Board Member.